Is God Calling YOU to ASCEND?

Kathleen Cooke answers God's call as she began planning the first annual 2013 ASCEND Women's Faith Conference. She passionately shares God's calling for us women to live out life with "Fearless Joy."

Super Typhoon Haiyan Spurs Massive Efforts, Prayer

NRB members have sprung into action and prayer following the landfall of Typhoon Haiyan. In the Philippines, where the typhoon hit hardest, some 600,000 people are displaced and more than 2,300 have died from this horrific disaster.

Ring a Bell! Make a Difference!

Do you get stressed during the holidays? SCH Contributor & Life Coach Carolyn Dunn shares what it takes to embrace the season and make a difference.
An Old Road beside a Wooden Fence underneath a Blue Sky - God is greater than our sin

If God is Real – Then What?

Throughout history there have been dividing lines between the different church denominations. SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee encourages us to see past the differences and keep our eyes on Jesus.