The Truth About Ambition

Ambition can be selfish but Diane Paddison highlights the promise that God has a purpose for all of us. If He is prompting you toward success, don’t be afraid to follow the path He has drawn for you.
not the same without you. A sunday school teacher is reading the Bible to a group of preschool age children

Not the Same Without You

The Bible teaches us that the church is like a body made up of many different parts. We're all necessary & it's not the same without you, without all of us. Pastor Michael Hayward emphasizes that we need to be active in kingdom life, but it needs to be active obedience in what we are each called to do.
leaning in, together

Leaning In, Together

In order to overcome unfair circumstances, Diane Paddison instructs women to "break the net of discrimination", leaning in, together with other women to make change.

Seeds of Life

Amy Layne Litzelman encourages us to spend time with people outside the church walls. After pulling weeds from hurting hearts comes the joy of planting the awesome, powerful seeds of God’s Word.

The Spirit Of Wisdom

Throughout His ministry, Jesus relied upon the Holy Spirit to direct Him as He made crucial decisions and faced relentless opposition. If you are a Christian, the same Spirit abides in you. Henry Blackaby Daily Devotion.

Humble Enough to Receive

Amy Layne Litzelman reminds us that comprehending God's grace is far beyond our human ability. We must humble ourselves before Him so we may stand under the waterfall of his amazing grace.