rumors of wars

Rumors of Wars – Official Trailer

In the future, a new world soldier begins to question the truth once he comes across a highly eye-opening diary. Rumors of Wars is a suspenseful, faith-based film with exciting story lines!

Taken By Grace – Official Trailer

Lucas Blackstone (Angus Macfadyen from Braveheart) sets out to find the man who murdered his son, kidnapping a Christian couple along the way. But Lucas has no interest in their faith, until he discovers the horrible truth about his son's killer.

The Christmas Candle – Official Trailer

When David Richmond (Hans Matheson), a progressive young minister, arrives in Gladbury, the villagers discover a new formula for miracles: good deeds and acts of kindness.

The Road to Emmaus, PA – Official Trailer

This is a modern story of three travelers looking for Jesus between Jerusalem, Ohio and Emmaus, PA. What starts as an investigative experiment ends as a poignant story of post-modern pilgrimage and spiritual awakening. Join them on their journey this season.

The Gospel Writers’ Autographs – Official Trailer

Mitchell has only been passionate about his inventions & his autograph collection. After his friend convinces him to set out on a quest to get the four Gospel writers autographs: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, they are able to find the true meaning of life.