A Real Partner

Diane Paddison advises that taking the time to honestly explore your expectations before you get married can help establish a healthy habit of open communication and help you avoid major pitfalls down the road.
A Teenage Girl Doing her Homework - coach your kids through homeschool

Why Your Older Kids Fight Your Teaching

Children are individuals. Rarely does one method of instruction work on every single child in a family. In her book How To Lead Like Jesus, SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer teaches parents how to see children's unique individuality, specifically their hearts.

Growing in Harmony With Your Spouse – Part II

Admitting we were in the wrong and asking for forgiveness can be an extremely humbling step. SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr declares this act is vital for success in marriage, preaching the need for authentic reconciliation.

Should Creative Work By Christians Be Safe?

If you’re a Christian pursuing a life of creativity, SCH Contributor Phil Cooke's advice is to stop worrying about being safe. "Start pushing the boundaries. Start telling the truth. Start showing us life as you really see it."