Selah – You Amaze Us (Acoustic)

The brother and sister duo sings touching songs with beautifully inspired harmonies. You Amaze Us recalls the amazing ways Jesus defies the world's expectations as our Savior!

JJ Weeks Band – Let Them See You Lyrics

"When the lights go down and the day is through, let it be said of us that they saw YOU!" This is the simple but poignant prayer of the song. These lyrics remind us of our God-given mission as Christians in this world!

Kari Jobe – Steady My Heart

In times of doubt and trials, our God is always faithful. Kari Jobe sings of God's unfailing love in "Steady My Heart," reminding us that we have nothing to fear! Our God is with us!

Michael W. Smith – You Won’t Let Go

Nothing can ever separate us from the incredible love of Jesus! In this song, Michael W. Smith praises God's power and love, saying "You are the anchor for my soul, You won't let go!"