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Andy Hawthorne Spreads the Gospel in Manchester

British evangelist Andy Hawthorne shares about how God has used him to reach many souls in Manchester. He is the founder of The Message Trust, a Christian organization which seeks to reach the lost in Manchester's schools, communities, and prisons.
A Russian Cathedral at sunset.

Nothing Can Stop Christ from Working in Russia

Nothing can stop Christ from working in Russia. There have been countless examples of governments attempting to do away with religion, or somehow twist it to their liking. However, we serve a God wh...
entertainer Pat Boone honors journalist Dan Wooding. Pat boone red carpet tuxedo SCH

Pat Boone Reflects on Life as a Christian in Hollywood

As I interview him, Pat Boone reflects on life as a Christian in Hollywood. As with every star, his career had its ups and downs. Along with Elvis Presley, Pat Boone was one of the undisputed icons of the 1950'...