mom and daughter laughing in garden with flowers - learn to say "no"

Why You Need To Learn To Say “No”

Why is it so hard to learn to say "no"? SCH contributor and writer, Diane Paddison explores why we need to say "no" more often in our lives and why.
old wooden dock overlooking lake with mountains - quitting your job

Quitting Your Job The Professional Way

If you are considering quitting your job, remember grace and professionalism reflects your faith. SCH Contributor, Diane Paddison provides wisdom and guidance for moving from your current employment.
cherry blossom path with bench, perfect christian

Freedom From the Pressure to Be the Perfect Christian

Feeling like you have to put on a good show at church? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison writes "There’s a fine line between wanting to do your best, and feeling like you need to be perfect." Read how to be free from the pressure to be a perfect Christian.

Spiritual Truths For Working Moms

Mom enough? That’s what Time magazine controversially asked. But in the strive to measure up, don’t miss the truths all working moms need.

Talking with God

Life can toss us some pretty tough challenges and even take us through seasons of loss. SCH Contributor, Diane Paddison reminds us that even the roughest of storms are no match for God and He is there to weather whatever life hands us if we are willing to rest in Him.