He Made Him to Be Sin – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Never take the righteousness God has given you for granted. Never take the forgiveness of your sin lightly. It cost God a terrible price in order to forgive you and make you righteous. Walk in a manner worthy of the righteousness He has given you.

The Risen Lord – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

The Christ we serve today is the Lord of all creation. He is vastly more awesome and powerful than the gentle rabbi we often imagine. If you have forgotten how great and mighty the Lord is, meet Him through the vision of the beloved disciple.

Tested Yet Secure – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Jesus is fully aware of every temptation and test you will encounter, and He stands ready to deliver you. When you are tempted, turn immediately to Him. He will take you to the Father, and you will overcome the temptation, for Jesus has overcome everything you can face in the world.