The Condition of the Heart- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

When you read or hear a word from God, apply it to your life and let God bring His word into reality in your life. Repent of any bitterness, anger, or unforgiveness that is hardening your heart. Meditate on God’s word until it enters deep into your heart and not just your mind.

Not in Word But in Power

Christianity is not moral platitudes, lofty intentions, and noble thoughts. The fundamental characteristic of God's kingdom is power. Blackaby Daily Devotional.

Vengeance Is Not Ours

One of the hardest areas in which to trust God is in the matter of justice. God takes the responsibility to see that justice is done. God loves people too much to allow sin to go unchecked. Blackaby Daily Devotional.
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Compelled to Confess

If you wish to have a powerful prayer life, you must regularly confess your sin. Only when there are no obstacles separating you from God and others will your prayers be effective. Blackaby Daily Devotional.
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Good Versus Evil

Satan persuaded Adam and Eve that their disobedience, rather than their obedience, would guarantee a full life. We, too, will face the temptation to call something good that God has declared wicked. Blackaby Daily Devotional.
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Prepare To Go

Jesus never excused those who struggled to follow Him. He made it clear that to follow Him meant He set the direction and they were to follow. Wherever He leads, be prepared to go. Blackaby Daily Devotional.