‘Because I Said So’ is NOT an Answer

Have you ever used the infamous that line when faced with a question from your child? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe shares key insights to help your children understand why they should obey authority.

Influencing a Child in Need

Let the Lord use your influence to build a foundation of truth in a child's heart. Have the courage to allow the Lord to use you to influence the life of a child in need, even if it's only for a few years.

Raising the Father of Your Grandchildren

You have the unique privilege of training your son how to react when he finds himself in a conflict. SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe shares encouraging steps for raising forgiving children.

How God Uses Strong-Willed Kids to Change the World

Learning to pray for God to break the will of your strong-willed child, so that He can impart a passion for doing His will into their hearts, is an essential role you can play in a strong kid's life. By God's grace, won't you commit to become a prayer warrior on their behalf?

Back to School Drama for this Momma

Do you worry when your children are away from you? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe shows mothers that the most powerful tool of protection we have for our children is prayer.