MercyMe – Greater

Off MercyMe's latest album, this song will have your feet tapping from the beginning. "Greater" proclaims an important truth we should all know well.

NEEDTOBREATHE – Difference Maker

This well-loved band doesn't disappoint with "Difference Maker," a song about the importance of humility in the life of a Christ follower. Are you willing to take up your cross today?

Matt Maher – All the People Said Amen Lyrics

"Give thanks to the Lord for His love never ends, and all the people said Amen." Matt Maher has written amazing, heartfelt songs of praise! You won't want to miss this special performance video.

Holly Starr – God Is

Who is God to you? Holly Starr's new release reminds us that Jesus is everything, and so much bigger than any fear we will ever face!
jeremy camp

Jeremy Camp – Reckless Lyrics

"Whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." Do we believe Jesus' words? Jeremy Camp's RECKLESS lyrics remind us to step out of our comfort zones.