When There Are No Answers

Encountering unanswered prayers? God never promises that we will find the answers on this side of heaven but Pastor Jesse Bradley illuminates seeking patience.
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Nature Shouts God’s Existence

Pastor Jesse Bradley expresses that a close fellowship with God may happen while resting in awe underneath the sky, dwelling in God's incredible creation.

What One Tongue Can Do

The Bible calls us to use our words to build each other up, not tear others down. Pastor Jesse Bradley enlightens us on how to honor God with our words.

Lion Pillows

Pastor Jesse Bradley reminds us that no matter what life throws our way, God's grace is present in our lives if we make room for Him.
Hummingbird-Red-Flowers habitat for the holy spirit

Following Jesus Today

Following Jesus is more than just a noble concept, it includes real choices inour everyday lives. When you let God’s grace fill your heart, you are capable of the most God-glorifying actions.