God Sees You

Sometimes we can be surrounded by a crowd of people and still feel empty and alone. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer reminds us Hagar was alone, afraid, and worried after Abraham sent her into the desert with her son, but God saw her and reached out for her. He’s there for us too. God Sees You

Ten Ways to Ruin Your Kids for Life

Are you ever worried you're going to ruin your kids for life? SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer shares lighthearted advice on how parents can mess up their children's lives.

How to Talk to God

Do you ever feel like God isn't hearing you? SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer shares advice on how to open your heart to God and connect with Him in prayer.

The Desire To Be Seen

Do you ever feel incredibly alone, even when you're surrounded by people? Read SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer's encouraging insights on finding God in the most lonely situations.

See Me, Encourage Me

There are people all around us who feel unnoticed and underappreciated. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer reminds us that God gives us divine appointments for special reasons, and shares on the importance of taking the time to invest in the lives of others.