Pathway in the foggy autumn - experience intimacy with god during the feast of sukkot

Spiritual Enemies- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Do not place your hope in humanity, but steadfastly trust in the One who has already defeated your enemy. Your adversary may be hopelessly in bondage to sin. Rather than retaliating, you should immediately and earnestly intercede for that person.

Casting Your Cares- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Casting our cares is a choice. It means consciously handing over our anxiety to Christ and allowing Him to carry the weight of our problems. God sees you as His frail child, burdened with a load that surpasses your strength. He stands prepared to take your load and to carry it for you. Will you let Him?

Freely Give- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

It should be a pleasure for us to give what we have to others. We ought to be a conduit through whom the Lord can pour His blessings, knowing we will disperse them to everyone around us.