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Gold and Bronze Christmas Decor

Gold Bronze Christmas Decor

I have been tweaking things and trying to add a little Christmas decor.  I am going to make it all a little sparse this year, so I dug through all my flower bins and decided that I had enough glitz to make a statement, and call it good.

I made a floral arrangement for the coffee table.  I wanted it to tie into the gitz of the dining table.

The pictures don’t show all the shine, but the poinsettias are sparkly gold and so are the twig picks.

Nice and simple, but perfect for the low key, glitzy decor I have planned. The dining table got a few changes while I was at it. Yes, I am still tweaking.  I’ve already replaced the candlesticks with these hurricanes.)

and I added this little Santa to the mix.

I like the look better, plus I don’t have anywhere to store these huge fragile
hurricanes.  So, I will just use them and that solves that problem.

I’m going to call it all good except for the tree.
The tree will go in the front window next to the leather chair.

DH got all the boxes down, so I need to get going with the rest of the house.




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