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Last edited on: October 21, 2011.

The cupcake tower became a hot wedding trend over a decade ago when it first appeared in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.  Today this delicious option has become a mainstream staple in the world of wedding glamor and style. Besides adding excitement to the party, cupcake towers can be a more affordable alternative to traditional wedding cakes.

In fact, the cupcake tower has become so popular, most bakeries offer a variety of designs to choose from. Likewise Online wedding stores such as Koyal Wholesale ( feature cupcake supplies wholesale, including cupcake stands, cupcake trees, and cupcake towers.

Sturdy cardboard cupcake towers come in different sizes and can hold anywhere from 100 to 500 cupcakes. For added elegance they can be topped with a mini cake topper on the first tier. Wedding cupcake stands can be reused again and again, for any occasion.

The drama of height and the visual excitement of hundreds of cupcakes creates a breathtaking and festive display. The tiers can be customized with wrapping papers or paint then decorated with ivy, ribbons and an assortment of flowers to match any theme.

Best of all you can offer your guests a variety of flavors: chocolate ganache glaze, strawberry with sprinkles, hazelnut buttercream, lemon meringue or raspberry trifles, the possibilities are endless. The most fun will be choosing your color scheme and the decorative touches such as flowers made of red velvet icing, pink candied rosettes, and sculpted mounds of pure French vanilla frosting or a rainbow of jewel toned sprinkles.

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