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Erica Galindo
Celebrating Food, Faith and Family
Last edited on: December 6, 2011.

I love sharing the Gospel.  Having been the recipient of the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting, I can’t help but tell the world all the Words of this Life! I also love the fellowship amongst saints who set apart time for homeland missions.

On November 5th, we hosted our first ever Preacher’s Breakfast in Petaluma.  We had six men from Calvary Chapel the Rock and five men from several other churches come together with one purpose;  to preach the gospel to all of San Francisco.

Our day started with food and fellowship.  After our meal, we all gathered in a large circle to pray that God would pour out His Holy Spirit upon us.  There is nothing like asking God to use you and then immediately going out to share the Gospel!

Our destination was Market and Powell Streets,  which is one of the busiest sections in the city.  Actually, people from all over the world congregate in  this place, so to preach the gospel here, in a sense, is to preach to all the world!

On this day we had several different avenues of ministry:  Open air preaching, a table where we gave out Bibles, a gospel tract ministry, friendship evangelism, and a prayer station. We had eight different men preach the gospel or give their testimony in front of hundreds of people at a time!  Can you imagine the fruit that will come from that in the Lord’s time?  We gave away hundreds of gospel tracts and a few bibles.  At the prayer station people were coming and asking for prayer, and then they would hear about the One who answers prayer.

This was truly a day filled with joy and great excitement as we knew the Lord God Almighty was using us to get the gospel out.  He tells us to ask Him to raise up workers so that He might send them out.  I love that invitation!

Have you asked Him to send you out?  If He used us, then He can use you!  Go and preach the gospel as the Lord commanded.

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