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Last edited on: April 2, 2012.

Monumental is the story of America’s beginnings. Presented, produced, and starring Kirk Cameron, the 90-minute true story follows this father of six across Europe and the U.S. as he seeks to discover America’s true “national treasure” – the people, places, and principles that made America the freest, most prosperous and generous nation the world has ever known.

SCH Contributor Bry Taylor drove for two hours from Southeast AR to West Monroe, LA on March 27th to see the live screening of Kirk Cameron’s new documentary Monumental: In Search of America’s Treasure. Here is her report from the theater immediately following the screening.

“People of all ages turned out to support Kirk Cameron’s new movie Monumental. From what I could tell the age range was between eight and eighty. Homeschooling families dominated the theater. Twenty minutes into the live event and people were still pouring in. Only a few seats were left on the floor. The theater was packed. After the event I had the privilege to speak with several homeschoolers who shared their opinions about the movie,” observed Taylor.

Bry Taylor: Would you give me your thoughts on the event?
Clelie S: I am totally excited about it.  I’ve been teaching this stuff to my kids for a long time. And I have felt very alone…because not a lot of people know about what is going on….and you need to know that…people are waking up…and I am excited and encouraged, and I am going to talk about it. I’m going
to shout it out.
BT: I would love to hear your thoughts about the movie.
Lydia H: Well my older son and I were in Boston (this past summer) for the National Speech and Debate Tournament and we took an extra day before we came home to see Plymouth and we did the traditional, go see the Mayflower, go see Plymouth Plantation, and we had about 30 minutes left and so we pulled out the (tourist) map and up in the corner there was a thing that said Monument to the Forefathers.
BT: So you have actually seen the monument that was featured in the movie?
Lydia H: Yes, and we were just blown away, it was the most worshipful thing…it’s in the middle of a blank field with houses around it and we were like….why haven’t we known about this before and when we found that the movie was coming out, we were just like…we have got to go see it.
Lydia H: Can I say one more thing?
BT: Absolutely.
Lydia H: “I told my son, we have the forefathers and the founding fathers, I wonder what your generations going to be called,  because we have been praying for the third great awakening in America…and I said  maybe your generation would be called the restorers.   So we stopped to have lunch and we bowed our heads to pray and my son prayed,  ‘Lord, let our generation have the same effect as the forefathers had on their generation.’”
BT: So tell me, did you enjoy it?
Cole H (age 15): I thoroughly enjoyed it because I like history.  My original expectation was that I’ve got to be ready to just kind of sit through it, because it’s a documentary, but I was completely enthralled by it.  I really enjoyed it. It showed just how much our view (about history) has changed.
BT: How did you hear about the movie?
Hallie Y: I heard about it just briefly, a little bleep on TV…I Googled it…and invited people to come.
BT: What did you think about the movie?
Trudy K (teen): I thought it was good…I thought it was really historical and a lot to learn from.  I think about homeschooling my  kids one day….teaching them about God and our country…
BT: How did you find out about the movie?
Homeschooling Mom: We found out about it through our homeschooling coop. We thought it would be a good historical field trip.  We wanted to promote the movie.
Bry Taylor:  How did ya’ll find out about the event and what made you guys turn out to support the film tonight?
LaurieW: Well we are Christians and we  thought it was great!  It was real interesting…we didn’t know anything about the Monument….we learned a lot.”
BT: And how did you hear about it?
Laurie M: We found out about it on Facebook.


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