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Last edited on: June 22, 2012.

Elmore DeMott finds photography an ideal form of art in its ability to give moments of reflection through images that reach out and touch us.  We can be captured with that spark through photos of nature, architecture, places and faces.  May you enjoy this view of a series of her images and be touched with a moment of reflection as you ponder the path in front of you today.

“This piece titled “Seeking Peace” was taken on a gorgeous morning as the sun was rising and the last bit of fog was lifting off of the still waters of the pond.  My husband was gently steering the boat and patiently waiting for me to find just the right shot.  It was a beautiful moment with a resulting image that reflects hope and peace.”

“This bow was also crossing calm waters early in the morning, but the passengers were quite different.  My husband and I were traveling with our children and preparing to step into canoes to paddle down stream and experience majestic mangrove forests.  Perhaps this image reminds you of a moment in time, or the movement of the boat is challenging you to ponder a new question for the day.”


Excellent Artist Elmore DeMott


“Life is a journey. As we travel our separate ways we must find inspiration to keep us moving. This walkway disappears in the lush green as you see a high peak in the distance.  If we choose to start walking we can reach great heights one step at a time.”

Excellent Artist Elmore DeMott


“Sometimes the sky is cloudy and the journey ahead may be difficult.  What emotion does this photograph evoke in you? A photograph may remind me of a place where I found great support or even of a time of struggle.”

Excellent Artist Elmore DeMott


“Foreboding sky.  Disappearing railroad track.  Destination unknown.  To reach our destination, we must be willing to climb aboard.”

Excellent Artist Elmore DeMott


“Some days are rainy, but there can be great joy to discover on the rainy days.  The bright colors of the umbrellas and feet of a child make me want to play in the rain and find a giant puddle to jump in!”

Excellent Artist Elmore DeMott


“Images help us remember those individuals who have walked with us. Pictured are friends together at sunrise on the beach the morning after a beautiful service celebrating the life of a dear friend.  There is great hope in the sunrise even as one person’s journey has ended.”

Excellent Artist Elmore DeMott



Elmore DeMott is a photographer in Montgomery, Alabama. Her work may be viewed at Elmore DeMott Photography



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  1. Mary Lambert

    I love this web-site it very encouraging. I love God and all that he has done for me. He has delivered me from alcoholism. I drank for 38yrs, now I’m sober 1yr. on the 27th of December 2012, & I can’t be more grateful. I also have just met a very nice man, who makes me very happy and keeps me laughing. My family is coming around to trust me again. I couldn’t have done this any other way but by the grace of a loving God & the love of a super awesome son that has stuck by by side when I didn’t deserve it. Also the best support of great friends. Thank you so much for your emails they really give me uplifting support. May God Bless and Keep you & yours safe over the holidays. Thank you again


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