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Last edited on: October 17, 2012.

ROGUE SAINTS is about two guys who set out to steal a diamond and discover a greater treasure in God’s family.

As Nick and Dylan bumble their way through their plans, they find that the people they’re trying to dupe are just what they’ve needed: quirky, chaotic, and imperfect, but loving and lovable . . . the family they’ve been looking for.

The film powerfully reveals that when a church functions as God’s community, it can change the lonely world around it. It’s a celebration of His family as it touches the human need for relationship.

With an offbeat cast of characters and a roller coaster of comedy, adventure, and romance, ROGUE SAINTS is a movie the whole family will enjoy.

ROGUE SAINTS: Have You Found The Treasure In Your Church?


ROGUE SAINTS won the Award of Excellence at the 2012 KINGDOMWOOD FILM FESTIVAL!

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