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Last edited on: February 23, 2013.

Sonoma County Bluegrass and Folk Festival is an all day event that takes place every year at the Sebastopol Community Center. Folks come from all over the West Coast to enjoy the Sonoma County spring weather and listen to several international and national touring bluegrass and “Old Time” musicians. It’s a general admission show, so you can sit wherever you want and come and go as you please. The great thing about the Sonoma Bluegrass Festival is that there are many impromptu jams scattered outside that take place all day long. Pickers trade off licks with each other and folks join in to sing. There is a real sense of community and mutual respect among the musicians which always makes for a good time.

Every year promoter Mark Hogan brings in folk music from another culture. Past examples being a mariachi band and a flamenco group, which always adds a little spice to the mix.

Since the music goes for a full 8 hours it’s easy to go into town and grab a bite to eat or even check out one of the nearby wineries and then come back to the festival. Of course there is food and drink available at the festival which makes it convenient if you want to have an impromptu picnic outside.

Overall, the Sonoma County Bluegrass and Folk Festival delivers the goods. High quality musicianship and a friendly community that thrives on good times and great music.



Feature Image: The Lovell Sisters


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