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Last edited on: August 15, 2013.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 168 Film Festival:

1.   Being the First to get the Best of 168 DVD

2.   The Red Carpet the stars

3.   Seeing God’s Word in Action – 84 premieres

4.   Knowing There is a Great Light and a Hope for Faith Based Film

5.   Knowing founder John David Ware’s welcome speech is better than ever before.

6.   Knowing John David Ware’s speech is shorter than ever before.

7.   Knowing not one single Zombie was shot this year (or harmed in any way)

8.   Seeing who wins Best Actress/Actor and Supporting Awards

9.   Watching your friends as they are recognized for their work

10. Seeing History as the (potentially) largest prize in short film history is given: the EchoLight Award-a feature film budget up to $1 Million

Here’s a Quick Look Back at 2013:

In November, we made a series of Big Announcements:

A massive expansion that started with the new website launched (Feb. 2013). All submissions went online and we moved the contest to summertime.

We partnered with EchoLight Studios to offer a filmmaker’s dream as a prize: a feature production budget up to $1 million.

These announcements doubled our size in one year and brought forth an extravagant effort from our filmmakers, to the point where our quality of film has doubled as well.

We got through many, many growth pains with the website, double the entries from any other year and the jury process with so many more films, but our struggle has paid big dividends, which you will see at the 11th Annual 168 Film Festival and beyond.

In 18 months or possibly less, in the Spirit of the Lord, the persistence of prayer and the work ethic of Pixar studios (in that nothing escapes without excellence) a God-honoring film will be created with a pre-set distribution plan and back end money for the 168 Producer.

This is the future movement of the Lord in Popular Entertainment.

It will not happen without your help. We need your prayers and financial support. While the film have an up to $1 million budget, none of that money goes to 168 and our infrastructure needs are deep.

We have two very exciting ways for you to help. First,

A GRANT in the amount of $30,000 in matching funds was given from an anonymous donor. This means that all donations – no matter how small – will be matched dollar for dollar! It expires August 15, right after the film festival.

Secondly, DVD orders do qualify toward the dollar-for-dollar match! This is your chance to get a copy of 23 of the greatest short films I have ever seen and to make the value of your dollar double in supporting a positive change in the media!

Together with 168, you are shaping the future of the media that has so very much to say about the culture, especially youth culture.


To learn more about this event watch the 168 Film Festival video

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