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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: August 23, 2014.

Dena Galang once only believed in Friendship Evangelism, but now realizes she was only constructing hurdles to the Gospel message.

Depraved Wretch is a Reformed Multimedia Production firm that specializes in Graphic Design, Video Production, Photography and Social Media. They exploit these forms of Media to bring glory to God and joy in Christ to all mankind.

2 Responses

  1. Mike Venetis

    I only intended to watch the first few minutes, when I saw that the video was 41 minutes, but ended up watching the whole thing. Great! Every Christian and Non-Christian alike should see this.

  2. Andrea Robson

    This was a wonderful video and has really opened my eyes as a christian. Thank you so much for sharing this testimony. I have re-posted on my FB Timeline as I believe the message is so important to share with others, both believers and non-believers.

    God Bless


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