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Last edited on: October 12, 2013.

Moviegoers in select cities across the country were able to have the opportunity to screen Alone Yet Not Alone, a powerful new movie based on a true story from the French and Indian War. Actress Kelly Greyson plays Barbara, the lead character in the movie.

SCH: When did you first develop an interest in acting?

Kelly Greyson: I would say I think it was really a hidden desire that I never acknowledged for a long time. I was a photographer for quite a while and then realized I actually enjoyed being in front of the camera way more than being behind.

I also had a heart for media that is beautiful and entertaining but also is value creating and makes people think. Projects that educate people and give people a broader perspective… perspectives that aren’t what they normally see from media are my passion.

Actress Kelly Greyson plays Barbara, the lead character in Alone Yet Not Alone

SCH: What is your acting background?

Kelly Greyson: I dabbled in acting in High School and have since taken some acting classes.  Return To The Hiding Place is the first feature film I was involved in.

SCH: How did you break into film acting?

Kelly Greyson: My first film and one I was super excited to be a part of is Return to the Hiding Place. It is an amazing inspiring story about young people who were protecting the Jews during the Nazi invasion in Holland.

Kelly Greyson presenting with Corbin Bernsen at MovieGuide awards 2013

I had actually personally visited the place where this film was set when I was thirteen and it had really impacted my life at that point.

The story resonated with me so much that when I was offered a part in the film it was a double blessing in that I could get in front of the camera instead of behind [as in photography] and also be a part of something that will send an inspiring message to those who view it.

SCH: Tell us about your role in Alone Yet Not Alone.

Kelly Greyson: Alone Yet Not Alone is based on the true story of two sisters captured by the Delaware Indians during the French & Indian war.  It is the story of their faith and hope in the midst of survival.  My character is the older sister Barbara, who is a strong and caring role model.

Most recently, Kelly Greyson stars in Enthuse Entertainment’s riveting historical drama, Alone Yet Not Alone

SCH: What was it like filming a period piece based on a true story?

Kelly Greyson: It was very exciting to be a part of something that was true.  There’s always the added complexities with a true story that you really have to be authentic. To be able to step into costume and go back in time to that place was such a great experience.

SCH: What was the greatest challenge with playing Barbara?

Kelly Greyson: She had such turmoil in her life, I had to draw from my own real life struggles to connect with her. The concept of feeling alone in a crowded room is very real, we always need to remember we are truly never alone with God in our life.

SCH: What other projects do you have in the works?

I have parts in a few feature films that are currently in post-production, one called To Have And To Hold which will release next year as well as another called Little Boy and previously mentioned award winning Return to The Hiding Place.  I’m also involved in another feature in preproduction due to start filming in November.

Production shot from on the set of Alone Yet Not Alone ; Photo Courtesy of Enthuse Entertainment

SCH: What would be your dream film role?

Kelly Greyson: I love acting and being in films, it gives me the opportunity to experience so many lives in one. A role that I would enjoy is something in a modern action film, I enjoy physically demanding roles and do most of my own stunts. I would also love to do a western because it’s such a fun genre in filmmaking and I love horses.

SCH: Is there anything that you would like our reader’s to know?

Kelly Greyson: I want to impact the reading audience, this is your way to make a mark on society, it’s like casting a vote.  If you want to see more family friendly entertainment you need to get out and buy a ticket to Alone Yet Not Alone.

Make a mark by seeing this film. That will declare to Hollywood that people want to see films that have meaning and values.  Don’t underestimate your value, you can make a difference with your choice of entertainment.  Get out and vote by buying a ticket.

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Sharon Wilharm is a writer and filmmaker who helps spread the word about other Christian filmmakers with her Faith Flix blog. She and her husband have been making feature films for the past decade and are currently working on The Good Book, an evangelistic silent film. Their film Flowers for Fannie will be released to stores nationwide October 15th.

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