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No matter how much darkness exists in your life it cannot diminish the flicker of even the tiniest light. That light is prayer and it will lead you to your destiny. – Jacqueline von Zwehl

Through her love of Christ, The Prayer is the inspirational true story  of one woman who discovers an extraordinary secret to living a life filled with God given miracles, unconditional love and answered prayers.

The journey begins with a divine promise, continues with the struggle of unforeseen life challenges like a break up, a lost job, both parents hospitalized at the same time, a life-threatening illness and a longtime friend confessed being raped when she was 6-years-old.

These challenges ultimately lead her to Jerusalem, the homeland of her parents. Inside the Old City, a prayer and a vision unlocked the key to a life full of miracles.

“The book has a very simple message,” said von Zwehl. “We are to pray for others first. This is the message the Lord wants to share with everyone.”

Struggling with her faith, von Zwehl questioned how God could allow such things happen? She challenges those who will listen, the importance of putting others first.“When you are always thinking about yourself, you remove that space in your heart for the Lord to enter,” said von Zwehl.

“When you pray for others first and your soul is filled with so much love for others – you become more like the child Christ wants you to be and then your prayers are miraculously answered. Von Zwehl contends she couldn’t find the answers she desired, and her faith began to crack under the weight of life’s turmoil.

After years of searching, von Zwehl came to learn that all her attempts to control her destiny couldn’t make up for simply letting go and letting life happen.

“Busy yourself with serving others and the Lord will take care of you.” von Zwehl’s parent’s, grandparents and great grand parents were all born in Bethlehem just blocks from the Church of the Nativity. She grieves that Bethlehem is so divided today with political and religious barriers.

“Israel and other regions throughout the Middle East need our prayers now more than ever,” said Zwehl. “We need to bless Israel as Scripture demands.”

She details her extraordinary journey away from and back to her faith in the new book, The Prayer, A Love Story: Unlock a Life Full of Miracles, Unconditional Love and Answered Prayers. (Johann Press)

In The Prayer, von Zwehl shares some of her incredible wisdom with readers, including:

Practical tools to live a life of miracles everyday – sharing, gratitude, forgiveness, and asking for blessings

Journey to eternal life: coping with the loss of a loved one

Destiny of humankind: to live with unconditional love and joy

Secret to having your prayers answered: pray for  ”others” first.

“God does not need months or years to manifest a miracle.  When you are ready, He is ready,” shares von Zwehl. “God is a state of pure love and the closer we each get to that state, the closer we are to having our prayers answered. Prayer is the process by which we become more loving and sharing human beings and being ready to receive a miracle.”


Jacqueline von Zwehl received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University and her Master’s from Pennsylvania State University. She enjoyed an eleven-year management career at IBM where she worked in Marketing, Operations, and Sales. During her corporate career, Jacqueline began a journey of self-discovery and transformation, which took her around the globe visiting the most holy and spiritual sites. Jacqueline is currently a motivational speaker and certified life coach. The Prayer, A Love Story will be available through all major booksellers October 28, 2013.

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