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Last edited on: February 18, 2014.

Recently, pop singer Levi Mitchell took a pledge – that he would remain sexually pure until marriage. Engaging his fan base, he launched a website to call others to do the same.  “PTM” (or, Pure Till Marriage) allows people to make a pledge to remaining pure from sexual intercourse until their wedding day. The option to pledge is there to let you know you are not alone in this fight to save yourself.

Levi during his early years. Photo courtesy of Levi Mitchell Music.

The website is meant to share the message of abstinence and it allows Levi to share the reasons why he wants to remain pure. In the first hour there were over 196 pledges and over 1,200 views to the site after Levi tweeted about it. “PTM” talks about 10 reasons to refrain from sexual activity until marriage and also makes a bold statement that even if you have had sex, you can start today and keep yourself for your forever spouse.

Levi Mitchell today. Photo courtesy of The BoyBand Project.

Levi Mitchell, who is a 15 year old singer, songwriter, musician currently in a Pop band called “The Boy Band Project,” a band produced by Nasri Atweh from the production team “The Messengers.” They have created with/for artists such as Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Iggy Azalea, Chris Brown, Michael Bolton, Big Time Rush, Kris Allen, Vanessa Hudgens, Elliot Yamin and more.

Levi is a Christian, in a secular band, trying to live a life worth imitating by being a success in the music industry at a young age, and standing up for his beliefs even though he seems to be the only one standing around him for purity. Levi has requested that his lyrical content in the band not ever be risque or cross the line of his convictions about how a young man should act and carry himself.

Levi with his band. From left to right: Mathias Anderle, Levi Mitchell, Nick Dean, Zac Mann and Brandon Pulido. Photo courtesy of The BoyBand Project.

The band has been in Pop Star Magazine 3 times, they have 26 youtube video’s and their channel has over 3 million views and they are currently in contract negotiations to do bigger and better things. Levi hopes that one day the public can come to see him like a “Tim Tebow” of the music industry.


Interested by Levi’s story? Head over to his new website Pure Till Marriage

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