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Last edited on: February 15, 2014.

Veil of Tears, a riveting new documentary from Gospel for Asia (GFA) that releases in the U.S. March 28, brings to light the untold cultural persecution of millions of women across South Asia. Infanticide, sex trafficking, bride burning and widow abandonment are just some of the cruel practices women face in these largely male-dominated societies. Veil of Tears tells these heartbreaking stories through the eyes of its victims — the pain, devastation and destruction — but also about the hope.

The recent burning deaths of a woman and her daughter in India bring to light the widespread violence inflicted on women throughout the region. In India alone, in a one-year span more than 8,000 women were killed in dowry-related homicides, and the numbers for these types of incidents are greatly underreported.

A recent article in “The Times of India” said the number of dowry deaths equates to approximately one death every hour. The violence is a daily reminder of the deeply rooted traditions that enslave millions of women and teaches them that “this is the way things are meant to be.”

The Gospel can change everything. Photo Courtesy of Gospel for Asia.

“Our goal with Veil of Tears is to portray the realistic picture of millions of women in South Asia who have been brutally persecuted and killed, just because of their gender,” said Dr. K. P. Yohannan, founder and international director of Gospel for Asia.

“We hope that the body of Christ — and even those who are not Christians — will see that as human beings, we have a moral obligation to care and think and to act, to bring some hope for these women.”

Veil of Tears is directed and produced by award-winning filmmakers Kenny and Kyle Saylors. The brothers have spent nearly two decades involved with critically acclaimed projects, including “Kimjongilia.” Their work has appeared on and in FOX News, Newsweek, BBC, Time Magazine, the New York Times, the LA Times and numerous other outlets.

Watch the new trailer:

“For nearly 20 years, we have made films that capture the tragic side of the human experience,” said Kenny Saylors, Veil of Tears director. “But we also try to communicate the beauty and hope found amid tragedy. In Veil of Tears, we wanted to show the courage, resilience and faith of women and demonstrate that God is changing hearts and lives, even in the most difficult of situations and locales.”

While viewers will be captivated by the heartbreak many of these women face — the constant and daily struggles — GFA wants to help empower these women with Christ’s love, giving them hope, encouragement and the practical resources to move beyond their cultural limitations.

Positive accolades for Veil of Tears are already showing up.

Hope is rising! Photo Courtesy of Gospel for Asia.

“A powerful, riveting film,” said the AFA Journal. “Veil of Tears grabs at the heart and won’t let go. The heroic young women who dedicate their lives to bringing the freedom of Jesus Christ to those without hope are inspiring.”

Suellen Roberts, founder and president of the Christian Women in Media Association, said, “This film captures well the plight of women and the hope which breaks the cycle of abuse and poverty. A must-see for all; it will change your life!”

Christian recording artist and Grammy-award nominee Natalie Grant serves as narrator of Veil of Tears. She experienced a life-changing trip to India several years ago that not only gave her new passion and direction in her music, but has inspired her to take action in tangible ways to help the women of India, including serving as narrator of the film.

Veil of Tears is scheduled to appear in 26 cities nationwide!





Churches have an opportunity for special viewings of Veil of Tears. To find out more, visit Veil of Tears Movie

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Russ Jones is a 25-year award-winning journalist and correspondent. He is publisher of various Christian news sites such as, and a media consultant to a number of political and cause oriented campaigns. He is also a freelance correspondent for the American Family Radio Network, a regular contributor for, and various Christian TV networks. Jones holds degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia and St. Paul School of Theology. Russ is married to Jackie and together they have four children.

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