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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: February 19, 2014.

ABC is starting their new campaign for season 6: “Most Inspiring Moments.” Throughout the NEW season (starting February 24), ABC will be posting incredible videos to their youtube playlist, where you can check in regularly to see the new additions!

Executive Producer Mark Burnett (Son of God, The Bible) has a lot to say on the value of The Voice: “One thing we know about The Voice is that families tend to watch together in groups- that’s really great. Anything that can be done to foster the enjoyment of families as a group, you know The Voice absolutely is young America’s show, and kids are dragging their parents to watch the show with them, its an uplifting show.

People said in the beginning ‘you’ll never ever pull off a singing show that doesn’t have a humiliation factor’- that was totally wrong. America loves The Voice, it’s the #1 show and doesn’t humiliate anyone. The Voice is a great, family-friendly, uplifting show.

Everybody knows that I, and my wife Roma, spent a lot of time in churches, nationwide with products like The Bible, and therefore we get to interact with a lot of people in the faith community. The faith community loves The Voice. It’s a fun show, it has excellent music and its also safe, family-friendly programming. Very attractive to families nationwide.”


Get inspired now! Visit the Most Inspiring Moments Playlist and bookmark it for future reference!

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