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Celebrating Food, Faith and Family
Last edited on: April 4, 2014.

Founded in 2003 by visionary director John David Ware, the 168 Film Project is an incubator for writers and filmmakers to explore scripture and to practice their craft. The project challenges to filmmakers worldwide is to draw a random scripture and in just 168 hours (7 days) shoot and edit a short film.

Their new project “The Popcorn Bridge” is capturing the amazing response to the movie Son of God !  Ware recalls the following when describing this outreach program:

“I was inspired when I heard Son of God movie producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, along with Pastor Rick Warren talking about the film being for everyone. But, not everyone can afford the expense of popped corn and movie passes. Yet, the power of story is the greatest motivator on the planet.  As proof, look at the many stories Jesus told to amuse, challenge and lead the masses.

“I have always been fascinated by Jesus’ Matthew 22 parable in the Bible.  The poor were invited to a wedding banquet in place of the wealthy, who were too busy to come. Something just clicked as I took it all in at Saddleback Church. Yes, I thought, actor Diogo Morgado’s portrayal of Jesus definitely is for everyone regardless of their financial means. He makes Jesus very real.

Photo Courtesy of 168 Film.

“I knew that we would need help. With our partners we created a bridge to this community based on love, hope and imagination.

“We have code-named this outreach “The Popcorn Bridge.”


The First Popcorn Bridge

John David Ware tells the story of the first screening.

“On March 16th, six buses picked up over 250 people from families in low income areas of Pasadena. We took them to a private screening of “Son of God.”  On this day, they were treated like royalty. Providing popcorn, food and drinks told them that we cared and made it very memorable for these families. At the state of the art Pacific Theater in the Americana Mall, they were the stars.

“After the film, the invitation was given to follow Jesus. One fifth of the audience decided to do so, and counting.

“We could not have done this without Stephen and Linda Tavani and Ceasar Cano of WOW International, which ministers to the inner city; giving gifts of food and groceries, bicycle repair, entertainment and the Gospel.

A crowd of people came out to see the epic movie 'Son of God'; Photo Courtesy of 168 Film.

“Also instrumental was Harlan Redmond, Director of Harambee Ministries. We thank the Community Clergy Coalition (CCC), Pasadena Church and Lake Avenue Church for helping to get the word out.

“Along with Harambee Ministries, these partners provided leaders to help with the event and to minister on the ride home. All will provide follow up to this population, many of whom met Jesus for the first time. One hundred Bibles were given away.

“I am excited by our uncommon goal: to build bridges that everyone can walk upon.

“Like me, you may cry tears of joy when you watch the amazing testimony of the young woman in this video who encountered Jesus for the first time while watching Son of God.

“It is our hope that during this Lent and Easter season, believers will invite their friends, family, co-workers, and especially skeptics to experience Christ through seeing Son of God. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a person’s life changed, like the young woman in the video above?”



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