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Last edited on: June 13, 2014.

Jenn Gotzon plays historical characters in two Oscar associated films. In 2009, her career skyrocketed playing Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s five-time Oscar-Nominated Frost/Nixon and this year 2014, her supporting role as Lydia in Oscar-controversial film which had its Best Song for Alone Yet Not Alone nomination rescinded.

The movie directed by Ray Bengston and co-directed by George Escobar qualified for the Oscars this year after a limited release in fall 2013 and re-releases in 200+ theaters nationwide this Friday, June 13, Father’s Day weekend.

Alone Yet Not Alone is a true-story, historical movie following the best-selling book by Tracy Leininger Craven. It follows their family line during the 1700’s, with the survival of two young sisters Barbara and Regina Leininger as they fight to reunite during the French and Indian War. Kelly Greyson (Return to the Hiding Place – up next Double Identity) plays Barbara Leininger who excellently exhibits action and athleticism.

See Jenn share about her time on set:

Gotzon plays the historic, young woman named Lydia who settled in Pennsylvania near the Blue Mountains – ironically, the same place where Gotzon grew up and a few miles from one of the oldest standing log cabins in United States, the 1700’s Siegfried Log Cabin in Bath, PA.

Gotzon’s character Lydia was the caretaker for the Leininger girls while they were held captive. She sacrificed herself to save the children and was burned to death as an example of what would happen to anyone who escapes. Lydia, as documented in history, transcended fear and pain into a divine, supernatural peace from God capturing the movie’s theme when you feel alone, you are not alone for God will never leave you or forsake you.

“Jenn’s portrayal of Lydia being burned on the stake gave me chills,” commented journalist Faithflix.

Oscar-Nominees for Best Song: Dennis Spiegel & Bruce Broughton with film's actress Jenn Gotzon at the 22nd Annual Movieguide Awards; Photo Courtesy of IMDB.

Gotzon has filmed over fifteen inspirational, redemptive and/or faith-based movies since the release of ‘Frost/Nixon’ and won awards for several of them including her role as Laura Reaper in Doonby (Film Advisory Board, 2013) and Meghan Doherty in God’s Country (Pocono Mountain Film Festival, 2013). Both movies released theatrically and are now available on Netflix.

Gotzon specializes in character transformations and historical depictions. She just wrapped portraying Mary Kay Slessinger Rich filmed in Buffalo, NY directed by Greg Robbins based on Mary Kay’s book “You’re It”, and soon commences production on suspense drama Sinking Sand directed by Brian Yarbrough. Gotzon will play the film’s main character Brooke McHenry, who faces the challenges of a hopeless marriage, and a criminal framing.

Jenn Gotzon in "Alone Yet Not Alone," opening Fathers Day Weekend; Photo Courtesy of SDI.

Gotzon aims to do movies that impact & inspire audiences (such as the first silent faith-based movie, The Good Book, directed by Sharon Wilharm screened last month at Cannes Film Festival).

As a speaker, she uses her growing platform “Inspiring Audiences” to speak positive uplifting messages of hope into people’s lives. Gotzon is a positive role model for the 21st Century with the ultimate goal to make a positive change in culture through media.


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