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Last edited on: November 20, 2014.

When a movie is adapted from a Janette Oke novel, and produced and directed by Michael Landon Jr., along with his sidekick, Hollywood veteran, Brian Bird, you know it’s going to be good.

When Calls the Heart: Second Chances is not only good, it is sheer delight. As Movieguide® puts it, this film is “absolutely beautiful and very entertaining.”

When Calls the Heart: Second Chances, originally an episode in the beloved Hallmark Channel TV series, is a now feature length movie. In typical Oke style, this pioneer period story is rich with a character driven plot, small-town dilemmas and, of course, feel-good drama.

The new DVD cover; Photo Courtesy of Hallmark USA.

Elizabeth is a competent and skilled teacher who genuinely cares for her students. She will do everything she can to make them succeed, even if it means stubborn persistence-another trait of her independent spirit. But stubbornness sometimes trips her up-especially when it comes to Jack.

A man of quiet strength, integrity, and loyalty Jack has a heart of gold as seen in his tireless efforts to help people without asking for anything in return. But when it comes to Elizabeth, Jack hits a wall and does not know how to gain her good graces.

With a little prompt from Elizabeth’s best friend, Jack puts his steadfast character to work to win the woman he loves.

Watch a sneak peak trailer below:

Woven within this romance lays a secondary plot: the plight of Adam Miller, a student who just cannot read. But the boy does not lack brains. He simply lacks the right teaching method to help him tap into his own talent.

It turns out he is very sharp, and Elizabeth has the magic technique to connect the dots and get the boy reading. But not without challenges. Elizabeth finds herself confronted with a skeptical father who is bent on putting his son in the mines.

When Calls the Heart: Second Chances is a winner. Pick up a DVD for your family and enjoy.


Find more information or get the DVD at the official Hallmark Channel Website

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Janey DeMeo is founder and director of Orphans First – a nonprofit organization helping suffering children around the world. She is also an author and speaker. Her husband, Louis, is a church-planter, mentor and pastor. They were formerly missionaries to France for 22 years and also worked in developing countries. They are now based in Southern California where they continue their ministry mentoring people to walk closer to Jesus. They both taught at the Calvary Chapel Bible College.

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