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Last edited on: September 24, 2014.

Anxiety is a deceiver. Like a blowfish that expands to make itself look bigger than it really is, anxiety exaggerates every bad thing that could happen.

Worry will convince you that you can’t make it. What happens to a mom when she gives up? What happens to her children?

One day as I pushed my stroller in my neighborhood I met another mom.

I visited with her and her children in their home for about an hour. Since my husband and I were pastors, our neighborhood felt like a “parish” to me, so I regularly made “house calls” on neighbors. Our neighborhood was a suburb of new homes with white picket fences and hopes for the future.

My neighbor appeared stressed, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to the other moms i visited with. Her daughters were beautiful with golden hair. They loved play jewelry, ribbons, and Barbies. After that initial meeting I kept in touch with the mom, but only by waving my hand or sharing brief words on the street as I walked by pushing my baby stroller.

One morning I awoke to the tragic news that she had taken her life and the life of her children. She had driven her car with her children in it to a nearby lake, and everyone drowned.

I share her story here, not remembering her name or even the exact number of her children, or the details of her death from twenty years ago. I feel regret that I had not done more to help her.

How does a mom, called as a life-giver, become a life-destroyer? I felt so helpless in this situation and somehow responsible.

Don’t Give Up

So today, I want to encourage anyone who feels depressed, to come out of isolation and ask for help. Whatever horrible things you are facing, there is help and hope on the other-side. Take the risk today to share your pain with someone close at hand. Find the hope and help that you need today.

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Sue Detweiler is a gifted bible teacher, speaker, writer, and radio host. Known for her transparency and honesty, she helps women and men fulfill their potential in Christ. Sue’s focus in Sonoma Christian Home is to blog on “The Life-Giving Mom” Married and in ministry for 29 years with 6 children, Sue has a heart to help connect people to their purpose.

You can listen to her 30 minute weekly interviews at Christian Mom Talk

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