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Last edited on: October 23, 2014.

Have you ever missed the first several minutes of a movie by running late to the theater? Doesn’t seem like a big deal…but I know I’ve missed something important. Skip the opening scene, and I feel unable to collect all the pieces of the “puzzle” in order to follow the entire plot.


There are places in the Bible where we are not given a detailed description. Still, I’m glad the authors didn’t have too many words like me…my kids say I “circle the wagon three times” just to be sure they get my point.


Often, my response while reading the Bible is a desire to stop and say, “I want more details!” I’m not at liberty to start adding anything to God’s Word, but I do believe using our imaginations can be very helpful at times in trying to understand what really happened.


Seems we learn about the miraculous days of creation, and then shift swiftly to the sin of disobedience and the fall of Adam and Eve. Until lately, I’ve never spent much time imagining what life was like in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the picture.


I realized not knowing more facts makes me feel like I missed vital parts of information to help me understand what really happened there.

Close your eyes and go to The Garden with me for a moment. Everything is lush, healthy and green. The sky is clear and the fragrance of gorgeous flowers fills the air. There are no thorns or weeds growing from the ground. No “thorns” of betrayal or abuse have pierced the fertile soil of their hearts.


The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve were created in the “image of God.” Every thought and everything was pure, holy, connected to God and uncontaminated.


Before Adam and Eve disobeyed God the Bible tells us,


“They were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed.”

~ Genesis 2:25


Their unabashed nakedness conveyed their sense of being totally trusting, open and exposed before God and each other. They had nothing to hide.


In a way that our minds cannot comprehend, they actually saw themselves through the eyes of God, a reflection of his unconditional love for his priceless crown of all creation.


Eve never doubted her beauty or worried that she would fail to be good enough. She was the only woman who, at least for a while, had no insecurities. Sign me up for that any day of the week!


The truth of her priceless value was woven into the very tapestry of her DNA! Can you imagine? She was fully aware that God created them in “His very own image.” Her beauty was a reflection of God’s complete acceptance.


Understanding this gave her the freedom to delight in every aspect of herself and of her husband Adam. It was “heaven on earth.” No tears, pain, anxiety, depression, doubt or fear.


It was all heaven on earth, until sin entered the picture and all the splendor of her perfect connection to God, her husband, and her worth was suddenly broken. Today, we each still carry the wounds of their choice to disobey God.


We inherited the burden of sin that produces shame, fear and blame. I yearn for the time when there is no more shame to haunt us. Thankfully, by God’s grace, our current insecurities and pain is not the end of the story.


Find encouragement in knowing this truth; if we are followers of Jesus Christ, there is great joy in how this “plot” ends. We can gain comfort and hope in realizing that one day in our future, we will live in a “restored Eden.” All our wounds will be healed.


We will never again be ashamed and for the first time, we will be completely secure as we see our value reflected in the eyes of God. Then we will truly know how to receive and give perfect love.


“I will restore to you the years that the locusts ate.

You will praise the name of God.

Then you will never be ashamed again.”




Yes, Cynthia is an experienced Christian counselor; a compelling speaker; and the inspiring author of “Deceived By Shame, Desired By God,”— but it’s her heart that will reach you; a heart that knows full well what it is to be broken and then restored.

Her transparency captures her listeners, speaks to their pain, and leaves them with new hope that they too can be set free. She shares what she knows firsthand: It is from broken hearts that God shapes His most beautiful mosaic masterpieces.

Learn more about Cynthia on her website!



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  1. Mark Sylvester

    Thanks, Cynthia! It is hard to imagine how the mind worked before sin entered the picture and began messing with every thought process. Confusion now reigns. But I look forward to a renewing and transformation.


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