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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: March 11, 2015.

Hey friend,

It’s Saturday, and you know what I’m praying?

I’m praying that we live comfortable in our own skin today. I’m praying that realness becomes a habit.

I pray that we’d know there is far more right about us, than there is “wrong” about us. And those things we think make us wrong? They are also what make us human. And all of that “wrong” stuff actually makes us more approachable to every other human who is struggling with her own set of wrongs!

Do you believe today that you are loved and valued by your Creator, exactly as you are, not as you mask yourself?

We cannot mask ourselves into a version of ourselves that we find more amazing.

Maybe someone else needed to know this today: the you God created, is the only you that He wants you to be.

Every mask we wear is an attempt to be someone we’re not. Every mask we wear was manufactured in a factory that is owned and operated by the enemy. I believe the devil himself has trained his “factory workers” to custom-make masks for each of us. And then, he trains his factory workers – these battalions of demons — to serve overtime as salesmen. When they leave the factory line, they come knocking on your door, bringing their catalog of masks, and snake-oiling a sales pitch into your ears, saying “Have I got a deal for you.”

We have a choice, every day, if we are going to buy what the enemy is selling. Don’t buy what the enemy is selling. When we wear the masks, we empower the mask makers.

Do not empower the mask makers. Empower your true self – your God-made self.

Today, don’t answer the door when the mask salesmen come calling. Set up a “no trespassing” sign in the yard. And if Mr. Mask Maker tries to trick you, call the Landlord and ask Him to remove the intruder from the premises.

Then … take a little step outside of your safe zone, without the mask. See what happens. See how someone else, who thought she was the only one, opens up to your vulnerability. Because you went first, as one PreApproved and ready to live her Saturday unmasked.

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