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Last edited on: March 1, 2015.

Naomi’s Village Children’s Home, located near the truck stop town of Maai Mahiu, Kenya in the Great Rift Valley, is a fully registered facility providing complete care to total orphans. We opened in Jan. 2011, and have since brought in over 55 children, including abandoned babies and those left parentless by terrorist attacks, HIV/AIDS, disasters, and domestic violence.

Our home will someday house 100 Kenyan children. The mission of Naomi’s Village is to glorify God in serving Kenyan children by providing spiritual, physical and emotional healing, that they may grow to impact their world.

At Naomi’s Village, we believe that a lasting solution to the orphan crisis must come from within Kenya. To this end we seek more than just simple child rescue. Our vision is to raise our children to one day be part of the answer to the cries of their peers.

We provide warm nurturing love, full nutrition, healthcare, excellent education, leadership training, spiritual care and counseling, and exposure to the world at large.

We constantly encourage our children to be actively involved in service to the poor as they grow at Naomi’s VIllage. In doing so we hope to raise the leaders of tomorrow, who will go and multiply the redemptive work of God in Kenya.

The Hebrew name Naomi means “beautiful, pleasant, delightful.”

Naomi, a central figure, in the OT book of Ruth lost her husband and 2 grown sons in 10 years time. This left her with only her 2 daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah, who had not yet borne children to carry on the family name. After these 3 deaths, Naomi, believing God had left her with no family, became so despondent that she changed her name to Mara, meaning “bitter”.

One of the daughters-in-law, Orpah, left Mara. But Ruth stayed by her side and returned to Mara’s home with her. It was there that kinsman Boaz tenderly took Ruth as his wife, and together they had a baby to carry on Naomi’s lineage. Mara (Naomi) rejoiced at once again having a family and she became an example of God’s redemptive love to the broken. The baby born to Ruth and Boaz later became King David’s grandfather, and was therefore in the direct lineage to Jesus Christ, the One Redeemer of the world.

Looking into the embittered eyes of some Kenyan orphans, one may conclude they also believe God has abandoned them, as did Mara. Yet we know God has not forgotten, but instead views them, like Naomi, as “beautiful, pleasant, and delightful.” The children of Naomi’s Village, once orphans, have come to know God’s redemptive love through His restoration of them to a family where they now belong. From bitter to beautiful…the story has not changed in 3000 years since the book of Ruth was first recorded.


For more information, please visit Naomi’s Village

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