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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: March 17, 2015.

Learning Patience Through Pain

The patience of a life-giving mom begins during pregnancy and birth. A mom suffers through her body expanding and being overtaken by the life inside of her. Every hormone is off-kilter. Her hunger and need for sleep increases. Nesting instincts encourage every mom to think about the needs of her coming child. During labor, her body is being ripped as she pushes life out of her womb into the world.

The bliss of giving birth to a baby is covered with the blood of childbirth. Pain precedes life. A patient mom endures the pain because of the life she will hold in her arms.

One of the first things that a mother hears when the baby is born is the cry of her child. as the bonding takes place between mother and child, it is the cry of her newborn that signals the milk glands of her breasts to secrete milk. It’s the very cry of our children that motivates a mom to feed and care for her child.

A Life-Giving Mom is Also Patient with Herself

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that restore peace and order to a mom’s perspective. A warm shower and a good meal. A loving adult conversation. A pedicure or a shopping trip. a night out with someone you love. The wonder of enjoying positive, upbuilding, gratifying life experiences will lift anyone’s mood.

Patience provides an opportunity to slow down and enjoy your everyday life. Patience laughs at your mom-moments. Patience allows you and your child to grow in the pace of grace.

Patience is enjoying your child and not letting the “work” of life get in your way of fun. Patience is valuing each child as precious in god’s sight and priceless to you. Patience recognizes the time needed for a deeply wounded child to find safety in the arms of a parent.

A Life-Giving Mom Entrusts Her Child to God

Patience trusts God with the result of the time spent and the seeds sown. You hold your child in your hands for such a brief moment of time. God loves your child more than you do. You can trust God with all the difficult things in your child’s life. He is the redeemer. He is the transformer. He is the life-giver.

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