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Last edited on: July 28, 2015.

Clay Walsh has lived the wild life and seen its downfalls. Now his take on life and love is purer and high-minded, if a little outdated. But when free-spirited Amber Hewson rents an apartment above his antique shop, the two feel an instant attraction towards each other. Will they be able to pull off the impossible: an old fashioned courtship in contemporary America?

Starring Rik Swartzwelder and Elizabeth Roberts, Old Fashioned proves that true love and respectful courtesy can still triumph over lust and immorality. Audiences describe the film as “full of love, romance, and struggle, but mostly God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness.” Others call it “wholesome and completely romantic.”  Old Fashioned arrives on DVD today!


For more info on the movie, check out Old Fashioned: Chivalry Takes on “50 Shades” This Valentine’s Day.

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