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Last edited on: July 17, 2015.

A tour of Italy’s best swimming pools, to cool your mind off.

Castello Di Casole in Tuscany

With temperatures in the 100’s almost everywhere this summer a trusted, cool refuge is always the swimming pool. At home recently, visiting my family in Marietta, I was oh-so-happy to take advantage of their neighborhood pool. I really felt like a kid again, grabbing my pool bag and towel and taking the 8-minute walk over to the tried and true Chimney Springs pool–only difference was that I didn’t go running as soon as the ice cream truck pulled up to the pool’s gate with its all-knowing bell ring. Rather, I chose to stay put, immersed in the perfect little heaven of shimmering blue water, albeit with a hefty dose of chlorine.

Now back in Rome, I am already nostalgic for a nice dip in a chilly body of water (not including my shower); I must check myself into the Radisson Blu (or any of the other paradise-like hotels listed below).

With gorgeous backdrops in every region of Italy, the addition of a swimming pool, una piscina, is nothing less than magical.

Castello Di Casole in Tuscany

Castello Di Casole in Tuscany

The Four Seasons in Florence

Il Salviatino in Florence

Romeo Hotel in Naples

Villa Arcadio Hotel & Resort on Lake Garda

Villa Arcadio Hotel & Resort on Lake Garda

Villa Le Rose from the Lungarno Collection in Chianti

Radisson Blu Rooftop Pool in Rome

Hotel Petra Segreta Olbia along the Emerald Coast

J.K. Place in Capri

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.

Proverbs 20:5

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  1. Kelly Rogers

    My children always like to swim whenever they see a swimming pool or a beachfront. They just love water. They can spend hours just swimming. :)


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