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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: July 30, 2015.

Pastor Adam Wells has a loving family and a dream to become the next big televangelist.  But when his little church becomes the center of a court case, the spotlight threatens to expose the cracks in his life.  His daughter, once full of big dreams, is drifting away from her family and faith, and a mysterious man from his wife’s past has resurfaced.  When the lies and secrets come out, will Wells’ world fall apart, or will he be able to rebuild his family stronger than before?

Beyond the Farthest Star takes audiences on a pastor’s journey as he struggles to decide between two roads: become a rising “celebrity” or focus on his family.  This messy yet beautiful film comes from Pathlight Entertainment and stars Renée O’Connor of Xena: Warrior PrincessBeyond the Farthest Star returns to theaters in on-demand Cinema Nights Events nationwide August 10!


For another great faith-based film, check out War Room – Official Trailer.

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