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Last edited on: September 23, 2015.

Channel Guide presents news on Roma Downey’s latest television project, Answered Prayers. According to Channel Guide, Roma Downey (Producer/Actor, The BibleSon of GodA.D. The Bible ContinuesTouched by an Angel) presents dramatic miracles happening today in TLC’s inspiring new series, Answered Prayers that premiered Sunday, July 26. “It’s like a breath of fresh air,” Downey says. “It’s just a show that celebrates hope, and God knows we always can use some more hope in our lives.”

According to Channel Guide, this six-part series combines heart-felt interviews, thrilling reenactments and dramatic real footage, as it introduces ordinary people who have experienced circumstances so extreme that their survival can only be understood as miraculous. “You see that their prayers were answered, and it could only have been something deeply supernatural that moved in their lives…we have explored, through Answered Prayers, the God in these moments… there is a God and he loves us, and he hears us when we cry out to him….we can’t lose hope,” Downey shares.


Roma Downey has a passion for bringing the Bible to the screen. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Roma Downey has posted one of her ongoing updates for her supporters for Answered Prayers. This television series is produced for TLC by Downey’s own company along with husband, Mark Burnett. Their company is a division of United Artists Media Group (MGM, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and Hearst Entertainment). Downey and Burnett are developing a faith-based internet channel with United Artists Media Group (UAMG). This channel with UAMG is planned as an over-the-top video channel dedicated to faith-based content.

UAMG is currently developing this OTT service (over the top, direct to consumer, internet service) to be made available to audiences worldwide. It is planned to include: original content; premium film and TV catalog titles; Christian music videos; “portals” to regional and national congregations; sermons from around the globe; various short-form faith-based videos; and a return to the greatest story ever told, the Bible, on this digital channel.


Mark Burnett and Roma Downey; Photo Courtesy of NBC.

What Downey and Burnett have been planning for internet television (or online television) is the digital distribution of television content via the public Internet. (It is also sometimes called web television, although this term has also been for the genre of TV shows broadcast only online.) Over the Top (OTT) refers to video, television and other services provided over the internet rather than via a service provider’s own dedicated, managed IPTV (Internet Protocol television). Consumers can access OTT content through internet-connected devices that include the following: desktop and laptop computers, set-top boxes (such as the Roku), smartphones and tablets.

Further, Downey and Burnett have actively been developing a re-make of Ben-Hur for 2016. The Ben-Hur novel is in the public domain, but the movie re-make project began last year when MGM acquired Keith Clarke’s script, an adaption of Lew Wallace’s 1880 novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. This story focuses on the years prior to those portrayed the 1959 film, centering on Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince and merchant in Jerusalem, and his friend Messala, a friend from childhood that returns home as a commanding officer of the Roman legions and then betrays the Ben-Hur family.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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