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Last edited on: August 10, 2015.

Like many young women, Grace has spent most of her life dreaming of the day when she would find her Prince Charming.  She has the proposal planned down to the Princess Cut ring he’ll slip onto her finger.  But when a special night with her boyfriend goes awry, Grace questions whether God has anyone in store for her after all.  With help from her father, she begins a quest to discover what it means to truly love someone else.  Will she ever find happiness?

Watchman Pictures presents Princess Cut, a romantic film that shows us true love and reminds us that God has a plan for our lives.  This movie stars an incredible cast of talented actors, including Ashley Bratcher, Joseph Gray, Rusty Martin Sr., Jenn Gotzon, and Mimi Sagadin.  Look for Princess Cut, now in its second week in theaters!

For more romance, check out Old Fashioned – Official Trailer.

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