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Last edited on: November 12, 2015.

Moriah Peters’ sweet voice gives a unique twist to her praise music. She describes in her own words what it means to be a Christian artist:

“I’ve always loved music. Listening to it is my favorite, then singing, then playing. I get stage fright, which usually involves losing bladder control and THAT’S why I look so uncomfortable in this photo. So I’ve come to the resolve that I am not a performer, I am simply a 19-year-old girl sharing the beautiful lessons that I am learning as a daughter of God.”


I Choose Jesus Lyrics

I have searched to find the meaning of this life
Something that would fill my empty soul
Some believe a lie, choose darkness over light
But I will stand and let the whole world know

I stand unashamed, trusting in one Name
‘Cause I have seen the cross and I believe, oh
This choice comes at a cost, all other things are lost
No other love could mean so much to me

I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus
The One who first chosen me
I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus
For now and eternity

He chose to love me when I felt unlovable
He chose to reach me when I felt unreachable
He carried me out of my fear and doubt
How I want the world to know I choose Jesus

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