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Last edited on: February 1, 2016.

In the midst of our discouragements, and delays, when it feels like our entire world will crash and burn, and we would be left with nothing, it’s so easy for the enemy to trap us into doubting in the sufficiency of our God. But even when it doesn’t really feel like it, God really does hold it all. When everything seems so fragile, and we feel there’s never enough of the essentials in our life, time, money, love, or hope, God will ALWAYS be “MORE THAN ENOUGH!”

We serve a giving and loving God. One of Jason Bare’s favorite lyrics in the song says, “You give Yourself drenched in love.” Every time he sings that line, he says he pictures God pouring out His heart over His creation, and it reminds him that He is the source of all that we need. He really is The Perfect God, and HE is “More Than Enough!”


More Than Enough Lyrics

You hold everything so near
The universe is in Your hands
So there’s nothing left to fear
You orchestrate the hearts of man
Your ways are higher
Your power greater

All You are is more than enough
You give Yourself drenched in love
You’re pouring down, we’re reaching up
Perfect God You’re more
More than enough

You’re more than enough
You’re the voice of perfect truth
You’re speaking to the heart of stone
Everything You say You do
The promise of Your glory shown
Your ways are higher
Your power greater

You are everything, everything
You are everything, everything


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