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Last edited on: February 21, 2016.

From their debut album “Becoming Who We Are” out now!

Kings Kaleidoscope is an indie rock worship band from Mars Hill Church. Led by Deacon Chad Gardner, the band is made up of about a dozen musicians, including a string trio, a horns section, two drum kits, and definitely a cymbal or two.

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Check out King’s Kaleidoscope online


139 Lyrics

You heard my first heartbeat before I could breathe

Before my first cry, you knew me

You knit me together when I was conceived

When I was designed, you knew me


You know what I wonder before I can speak

Before my first thoughts, you know me

You see what I’m dreaming when I go to sleep

When I’m waking up, you know me


I could run away or hide beneath the sea

You’d still hear my prayers

I could climb the peaks or dive beyond the deep

Oh my God! You are there


You crafted the heavens and care for my soul

In all of your ways, you’re holy

When I’m lost in darkness and far from my home

Your hand guides my way and holds me


You are the God who knows and loves me

The God of David, the Rock of Ages

You are the king who dwells above me

The King of Zion, the Mighty Lion


Redemption in Motion Lyrics

You’re with me always, I won’t be afraid

You died and rose and set the world ablaze

Amazing grace, redemption in motion

I will see you when I fly away

To the gates of heaven where I’ll see your face

Holy Jehovah, Alpha Omega

You died and rose and set redemption in motion

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