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Last edited on: March 3, 2016.

There is a mixed bag of Light and Darkness in movie theaters today.  Box Office Mojo reports on the current box results for movies in theaters. The contrasts are striking between the growth in the Reformation of content in family and redemptive movies, and perverse, degrading, offensive movies. Never before has there been a greater need for good reviews of movies to enlighten viewers of the content before they see them. Never before has there been a need for consumers to exercise power and to voice what they want in movies and TV through feedback tools on movie sites.

This week the number one redemptive movie is Risen with its outstanding acting, cinematography, music, as well as comic relief.  Deadpool (R) in contrast is despicable with almost 100 obscenities about a super-hero who is everything a super-hero should not be.  Witch (R, horror film) is another movie full of evil.

Still in theaters the first week of March are some better choices. Eddie the Eagle (PG-13, teens and adults) is an inspirational movie with no foul language. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PG-13, teens and adults),  Kung Fu Panda, (PG, older children through adults) and Norm of the North PG, all ages) have no foul language and limited offensive elements but both have warnings concerning the philosophical basis of each movie (see reviews). 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is an R-rated movie but is significant and relevant for our times.

Fortunately, there are two more wonderful movies coming to theaters for the Easter Season. The first is The Young Messiah released to cinemas on March 11 and Miracles From Heaven on March 18. The Young Messiah is an imagined story of young Jesus of Nazareth. It is based on The Bible, as well as histories and stories of the time. The acting and storytelling are outstanding. The music and cinematography are engaging. This movie is suitable and inspiring for young teens through adults.

Miracles From Heaven is appropriate for older children through adults. It is based on true events and the best-selling book about them by Christy Beam, the mother of young Annabel Beam who suffered for four years the painful, shut-down of her digestive system and miraculously recovered, totally healed after an accident. Jennifer Garner is captivating in her role of Christy Beam. Queen Latifah performs delightful comic relief. Risen, The Young Messiah, and Miracles From Heaven are all movies of the highest caliber with outstanding, entertaining, and inspiring storytelling and performing.

For the end of February and first week of March, Risen is first in our SCH top picks; a not-to-be missed movie in theaters.

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