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Last edited on: March 6, 2016.

Depending on our choices, media can have good and bad influences. The Influence Guide publishes research and many articles on the power of influence, including the negative power of influence that media can have. On March 1, Influence Guide posts an article from Scientific American about fresh starts in combating negative behaviors and influences. “Temporal landmarks…give us an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, a feeling that inspires beneficial behavior…”

Spring and the Easter Season are times for fresh starts and spring cleaning of bad habits and behaviors. With the help of Easter Season movies and TV programs it can be a time to choose fresh, uplifting, inspiring, as well as redemptive movies and programming. Now is a good time to take stock of viewing practices individually and corporately. Now is good time to determine what to block from viewing and what to add that might be more beneficial. 

The Young Messiah Jesus

‘The Young Messiah’ follows the life of young Jesus as he journeys with Joseph and Mary to Nazareth : photo courtesy 1492 Pictures.

There are a three new excellent family movies coming to theaters before Easter. Risen (PG-13, teens and adults) with Joseph Fiennes is currently in theaters as one of the best movies in recent years. The acting, cinematography, music, and comic relief are outstanding.

There are two more fine redemptive movies coming to theaters during the Easter Season. The Young Messiah (PG-13, children through adults) is coming to theaters March 11. The music for this captivating movie is by the composer for Passion of the Christ, John Debny. Young Messiah has compelling performances set in the backgrounds of international locations.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Jennifer Garner gives a strong, heart-felt performance in ‘Miracles From Heaven’ based on a true story : photo courtesy Affirm Films.

Miracles from Heaven comes to theaters March 18. Jennifer Garner gives a strong, heart-felt performance in this movie, which is based on a true story.  The Young Messiah and Miracles From Heaven are both suitable for children through adults. Kylie Rogers, as central character Anna Beam, gives a fine, role-modeling performance for young people in Miracles From Heaven. In this movie Queen Latifah gives a sweet, comedic, and heart-felt performance as Angela.

Further, TCM with Fathom Events presents the classic Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston in select cinemas March 20 and 23. Immediate, extended, and intergenerational families and groups can see these movies and discuss them together afterwards.

The Young Messiah Joseph Mary

Mary and Joseph marvel at the birth of their new son, Jesus in ‘The Young Messiah’ : photo courtesy 1492 Pictures.

Fortunately, today with many home viewing options, families can watch good programs together and discuss them afterwards. Christian Cinema provides many DVDs that are entertaining and edifying, especially for the Easter Season. Netflix and other streaming services provides excellent Easter choices such as the following: The Bible, The Gospel of John, The Passion of the Christ, The Robe, Catching Faith and many more. Happy viewing and Happy Easter!

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