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Last edited on: April 22, 2016.

MercyMe was honored with two nominations at the first annual K-LOVE fan awards, in the categories of: “Group/Duo of the Year,” and “Artist of the Year,” and recently received the same nominations for the 2014 show. The band also received nominations for the Billboard Music Awards for “Top Christian Artist” and “Top Christian Album.”

“We are so honored to be recognized for the work we put into this last project, however it cannot go without saying we don’t do this alone,” says Mike Scheuchzer.  “If we did anything worthy of praise it was due to an incredible team of humble & extremely talented people who surround, encourage & push us to be better. We and those who helped create this record hope it draws the listener further from their hurt & closer to the healer.”


Shake Lyrics

I just can’t believe
Where my life was at
All that I know is my heart was broke
And I don’t ever wanna go back

Aint no explanation
How I saw the light
But He found me
And He set me free
And He brought me back to life

Blame it on the transformation
I’m changed down to the core
This love is real
I can’t sit still
Cuz my name’s not shame no more

Great God Almighty done changed me

You gotta shake shake shake
Like you’re change change changed
Brand new looks so good on you
So shake like you’ve been changed

Maybe He came to you
When everything seemed fine
Or maybe your world was upside down
It hit you right between the eyes

No matter when it happened
At seven or ninety five
Move your feet
Cuz you are free
And you never been more alive

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