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Last edited on: April 15, 2016.

Catholic, Protestant and Ethnic Communities Gather Together in Spirit of
Unity and Reconciliation at Azusa Now 2016.

Over 60,000 People Flocked to the Los Angeles Coliseum Despite Weather Conditions.
Worldwide, Over 100,000,000 Participate through Live TV Broadcasts and Online Streaming in Five Languages.

In spite of rain throughout the day, incredible stories of hope and healing are pouring in after more than 60,000 people braved the conditions to attend Azusa Now on April 9 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. This stadium-sized worship and prayer gathering brought together a variety of ethnic groups, churches, organizations, denominations and dioceses from across the country, creating a spirit of unity and a commitment to reconciliation.


Asuza Now Event at the LA Coliseum, April 7, 2016.

Asuza Now Event at the LA Coliseum, April 7, 2016.

According to Rachel L. Holden, CEO of host organization TheCall, “April 9th was a beautiful day for the body of Christ coming together in prayer, forgiveness, and commitment to one another to walk in unity. When over 60,000 people gather in the rain and millions are watching around the world, it’s a signpost of the hunger in the body of Christ for another great move of God in our day. When our staff arrived at 4:30am to enter the stadium, people were wrapped around the stadium in anticipation for the day ahead. We are entering into a new day and are humbled to have been a part.”

The event Fe and ethnic groups, including Apostle Fred Berry, Pastor Gabe Ahn, Bill Johnson, and many more leaders, and worship artists including Bethel Worship and artists from Native American, Hispanic, Messianic and Korean communities.


Asuza Now Event at the LA Coliseum, April 7, 2016.
Azusa Now was viewed by hundreds of millions of people around the world, as it was broadcast in its entirety by GOD TV, with additional live and rebroadcast coverage provided by TBN, CBN, JUCE TV, Daystar and the newly launched Holy Spirit Network. In addition, the entire day was translated in Arabic and broadcast to millions of homes in the Middle East via The Way TV network. Many thousands more accessed the live stream that was broadcast in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese through the website, and through grassroots channels thanks to the launch of Facebook Live.

The original Azusa Street Revival that was held in 1906 was a true movement of God with the profound sense of love and racial harmony that unexpectedly bonded African-, Asian-, Hispanic- and Anglo-Americans together during a deeply segregated period of American history. Azusa Now hopes the aftermath of this gathering will restore this rich legacy of Christian friendship and blessing by turning hearts toward one another as a counter-cultural response to the deepening trends of divisiveness and rancor in the ethnic, political and socio-economic spheres of our nation.


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