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Last edited on: May 24, 2016.

Dove Channel expands film offerings for families in order to bring more offerings for TV shows and film. In their new business deal, Dove Channel will

Thanks to their parent company, Cinedigm. the Dove Channel is spreading its wings in more than doubling its library On May 18, VideoInk reports that Cinedigm is acquiring content for the Dove Channel OTT (over the top) service. The Dove Channel is a family and faith friendly VOD (video on demand) service. Thanks to the parent company Cinedigm‘s deal to acquire all of the content assets of, a multi-platform family-friendly streaming service, the Dove Channel will be more than double its library. has a library of over 1,700 titles of faith and family-friendly movies, TV series, children’s programs, and educational content from over 30 providers, which include: Nelvana, MVD Entertainment Group, Organa, TMW Media Group, Marble Media and Legend Films. Some of the programming includes “The Shirley Temple Show,” “The Yearling,” “The Jackie Robinson Story,” and more. Cinedigm will present the programming on the Dove Channel over the next several months.

Cinedigm, a multi-platform distributor, launched the Dove Channel in September 2015 in partnership with the Dove Foundation. This Michigan-based nonprofit reviews, rates, and endorses films for family audiences for a quarter of a century. The Dove Channel has AVOD content (free ad-supported) as well as a $4.99 a month subscription option that offers ad-free viewing and access to premium content.

Cinedigm uses this same model for its OTT channel for genre fans, ConTV, and its documentary channel (Docurama), has had a mission to provide family-friendly content that uplifts, inspires and entertains. Bill Sondheim, president of Cinedigm Entertainment says “Our mission at Dove is so closely aligned with that we felt compelled to find a way to join forces…it became very apparent…that Dove Channel offered a very sophisticated technology platform and advanced user experience…”

The Dove Foundation is dedicated to “advocating for families and moving Hollywood in a more family-friendly direction.” CEO Dick Rolfe says, “We commissioned an industry-wide study in 2012 that revealed the fact that over the previous 5 years, Hollywood produced 12 times more R rated movies than G. And yet, during that same period of time the average G rated film was 9 times more profitable than its R rated counterpart.” Rolfe sent a copy of the Film Profitability Study to every major studio executive in Hollywood to show them that family movies can be profitable and that there is a large family audience out there waiting to get back in the theaters.

“Our influence with the movie studios has grown to the point where some films are sent to our Grand Rapids office well in advance of release, sometimes even in rough cut,” states Rolfe. “On a several occasions we have expressed concern about a few things we thought might offend the family audience. Studios cleaned them up and we were able to give them our Dove Seal.”

The late entertainment legend, Steve Allen, referred to the Dove Seal as “the Good Housekeeping seal for family entertainment.”

Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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