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Last edited on: August 6, 2016.

At home (Atlanta), I was lucky to visit with so many of my dear friends, many of whom are also designers and know lots about how to create a beautiful home. One in particular, Jeffery McCullough, a fabulous designer and artist agent based in Lafayette, Louisiana, spent the day with me showing me around some fantastic go-to designer shops in Atlanta. Aside from catching up on our lives over the past several years, since our days together in design school, Jeffery introduced me to the masterpiece of Mrs. Howard (Phoebe Howard, that is), a dream for any designer. Yet, not just for a designer, but for anyone that walks through the doors of this gallery of ideas, just a stone’s throw away from ADAC. Plush fabrics, perfect pillows (with chop), ornate window dressings, spiraling staircase, antiqued beam ceilings, monolithic stone floors, full height boiserie, elegant fireplace mantels, and upholstery from numerous styles and periods showcased in one building, flowing as a real home should . . . from the living spaces to the bedrooms, not one detail overlooked. Here’s a view into the world of Mrs. Howard, a showcase of how to create a beautiful home:

For information on the above painting, contact Jeffery McCullough.

Jennifer & Jeffery

Mrs. Howard

Jeffery McCullough

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